PROSEGUR ALARM HİZMETLERİ A.Ş.(hereinafter referred to as "PROSEGUR")users (hereinafter referred to as the "User" or "Users") are hereby informed about the applicable regulations on Personal and Private Data and the Services provided by the Data and Electronic Commerce Companies. Moreover, Prosegur has so far adopted such measures necessary to comply with obligations set out in statutory regulations as well as internal ones applicable to the data security and confidentiality in addition to the protection of personal data, and the Company has necessary code of conduct and policies in place. There is a handbook laying down Prosegur’s internal regulations applicable to the data security and confidentiality.




First Article – Users

Access to and use of (also referred to as the "Web Site") shall suffice to be user, and the use of the site shall mean the acceptance of general conditions and terms applicable to the contents and services in the Web Site and the unlimited and complete acknowledgment of special terms and conditions that change, replace or complement specific contents in relation to the contents and/ or services of this Web Site. Certain services of the Web Site are exclusive to PROSEGUR or PROSEGUR GROUP customers and access to them is limited. The user undertakes to use the contents of the Web Site in line with the applicable conditions and Laws as well as other terms, regulations and applicable legislation.

Article Two – Restrictions of Use

A) The User agrees to use the Web Site and the services and contents that make up it in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.. A User with an access to this web site shall have the authority to view all data set out herein unless otherwise is specified.  A User of this Web Site is restricted from doing certain things, including but not limited to, the following: 1. To reproduce, copy, distribute, modify, transfer or publicize certain information posted at the Web Site; 2. To use the data in the Web Site for commercial purposes; 3. To send unsolicited messages to multiple recipients irrespective of whatever purpose he may have; 4. To commercialize the data in this Web Site in a way whatsoever; 5. To erase, manipulate and by-pass such information posted at this Web Site along with any technical means for the protection of the Website, to manipulate and/ or decompile databases in which Web Site data are stored; 7. To commit “spamming” when using the Web Site or such data and/ or services set out in the Web Site; to violate the rights of PROSEGUR and the company owners; 9. Any attempt to acquire the Web Site contents by any means other than the ways provided to the access of its users; 10. To use the Web Site illegally against Prosegur or any third party; 11. To use the Web Site in a manner that would cause harm to Prosegur or third parties; 12. To prevent the normal operation of the Web Site.

B) The User shall have the right to view, print, and partially download, the contents of the Web Site subject to the performance of the terms and conditions below: 1. To allow for permission to have access to the relevant information in the applicable regulations; 2. To pursue a purpose underlying the existence of the visited Web Site owned by Prosegur; 3. To visit the Web Site only to get information for personal and private use or to have access to any service posted at the Web Site; 4. To use the Web Site without committing the acts banned in Section “A” hereof.

Article Three – Modification of the Web Site by Prosegur

Prosegur reserves its right to modify, remove or make additions to or update to information or services available at its Web Site at any time at its discretion without any need for prior notice. Similarly, Prosegur reserves its right to modify its Web Site and the organization, design, structure, presentation of and access to the Web Site at any time at its sole discretion without any prior notice,


Article Four – Liability arising from access to the Web Site

Access to the Web Site and the use of such data and services available at that Web Site shall be the responsibility of the user who access to the Web Site only. Prosegur shall not be liable for any consequences, loss or damages that may arise from such access or the use of such information and/ or services. Prosegur shall not be liable for any potential security faults in, or damage to, the user’s computer system (in his hardware or software), or for documents or files stored there, or the presence of any virus that has infected the computer used by the User to connect to the contents of the Web Site, or any malfunction in his browsers or the use of obsolete versions of his browser.  Access to the web site shall not oblige Prosegur to check whether there is any virus, worm or any other malware. It is the user’s responsibility to check the performance of appropriate means, methods and systems to identify and deactivate any malware. Prosegur shall not assume any liability for any damage to computer hardware arising in the course of, or from, such access.


Article Five – Non-liability

Prosegur shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the following:

1. Availability, maintenance or effective operation of the Web Site and/ or services or contents therein.

2. Where Web Site and services or contents therein are not useful or meet the User requirements, operations, purpose or expectations or it is incomplete in terms of validity;

3. Presence of viruses, malware or harmful software or similar contents in the Web Site;

4. Capture, storage, distribution or transmission of the Web Site by users;

5. Fraudulent or unlawful use by Users of Web Site and/ or services or contents in breach of these General Conditions and beyond the rules of good faith that are generally accepted by the public;

6. Missing areas in services provided by third parties to Web Site Users with reference to law, quality, reliability, availability and accessibility;

7. Failure by third parties to perform their liabilities or commitments regarding their services offered to the Users over the Web Site.


Use of “Cookies”

Prosegur Turkey web site uses cookies to offer an exclusive customer experience for you and to provide location-based services

“Cookies” are tiny data files sent by the web server to a web browser when that web browser visits the web site of the server. When the user checks the same Web site in future, the cookie shall give information about the past activities of the web site user. Cookies do not cause any harm to your computer and some are automatically deleted after a specific six-month period.


Cookies are used to remind your log-in in Prosegur Turkey webs site and to track the web traffic as a whole rather than as an individual definer and to store section data such as last search.  Many browsers allow you to deactivate cookies. Please check your browser’s help menu to learn how to do it. You can adjust your web browser to prevent the use of cookies; but if you choose that setting, you can still browse around our web site but may not use its many features.