Fire Alarm Systems

Providing perfect protection service to its customers for more than 40 years with a total of more than 160 employees worldwide, Prosegur provides complete protection to you and your loved ones with the fire system and detectors in the standard alarm system in line with the principle of "complete security".

Prosegur, providing full protection 365 days and 24 hours and presenting personalized solutions to its users, notifies Prosegur Alarm Center by detecting fire and sudden temperature changes at home or at work with the fire alarm system. The Prosegur Alarm Center informs you or your nearest neighbors if you want to be called in an emergency. At the same time, alarm images of your home are also arrived at the Prosegur Alarm Center. Prosegur will direct the fire department to your home or to your workplace if the danger is confirmed.

Prosegur Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are systems for both life and property protection that are designed to detect fires that may occur in all kinds of houses, structures, buildings, facilities and businesses, to inform the residents of this area and to inform the necessary security units and fire department . Prosegur alarm system, which detects the presence of flame, heat and smoke, ensures the protection of human life and all fixtures and commercial assets within the enterprise preventing the fire with minimal damage.

Keep in mind; Prosegur, which has a first-class team working with a customer-focused approach and offers a personalized, personalized and complete security service for your business, provides complete protection to you and your loved ones and protects you against adverse situations such as burglary, fire and gas leakage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; immediately notifies the relevant security units in the event of an attack or an accident.