Protect your investments against fire with Prosegur Fire Alarm Systems!

Providing perfect protection to more than 2 million people for more than 40 years with more than 175 thousand employees worldwide, in line with its "complete security" principle, Prosegur offers complete protection for your investments with fire system and detectors within the standard alarm system.

Prosegur, which offers uninterrupted for 365 days and 24 hours, immediately informs Prosegur Alert Center by detecting smoke and sudden changes in the house with fire alarm system. In case of any emergency, Prosegur Alert Center informs you or your relatives whom you want to be called. Simultaneously, images from the alarm from your workplace also reach Prosegur Alert Center. If the danger is confirmed, Prosegur immediately directs the fire brigade to your workplace.

Take your precaution against fire!

Prosegur workplace fire alarm systems, which detect fires in your workplace while they are still in their early stages, inform the necessary security units and fire brigade as soon as possible in order to protect both the residents and the property.

Prosegur workplace alarm system, which senses flame, heat and smoke as soon as possible, works to protect human life in case of any fire and to make sure that all fixtures and commercial assets within the enterprise survive the fire with the least damage.

You, your employees and your investments are safe with Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems!

Prosegur offers solutions and systems tailored to the safety needs of each business. Working with a customer-oriented approach, Prosegur will not only protect your workplace from thieves, but also will allow the law enforcement, fire brigade and ambulance to be dispatched to your workplace and help early intervention against occasions that require emergency intervention such as fire, gas leak, panic and health problems.

How do Workplace Fire Alarm Systems work?

Detecting a possible fire while it is still in the initial stage Prosegur workplace fire systems alert you and the fire brigade to ensure immediate response to the incident. Prosegur workplace fire systems have been developed with the aim of minimizing the possibility of fire and preventing the loss of life and property during the fire.

The System Suitable for Security Needs

The priority of the workplace fire systems is to determine the source of the fire and to make it extinguish as short as possible. Extremely sensitive against fire, Workplace Fire Systems work by detecting sudden changes in heat and smoke at your workplace and sending warnings to Prosegur Alert Center. Thus, the warning system is activated before the fire starts and all necessary measures are taken to prevent any loss. Prosegur Alert Center confirms the danger by contacting you immediately and directs the fire brigade to your workplace if needed. This way, you will be protected against fire by using Prosegur Alarm Systems even if you do not have an armed alarm system in your workplace.

Say “stop” to thieves with Prosegur!