You are safe against the burglars with Prosegur Workplace Burglar Alarm!

Ensuring the security of more than 2 million people worldwide, Prosegur eliminates the possibility of unauthorized entry into the workplace with the Workplace Burglar Alarm that it offers to business owners. With its advanced technology infrastructure, quality product and service approach, Prosegur protects your and your employees' labor as well as your investment and prevents the loss of your property and secures your future. It also offers deterrent measures against burglar.

How does Prosegur Workplace Burglar Alarm work?

Prosegur Workplace Burglar Alarm is activated when it detects that there is an unauthorized entry to your workplace and immediately informs Prosegur Alert Center. Prosegur Alert Center will also contact you to confirm the threat and, if necessary, dispatch the police forces to your home.

With the Motion Detector with Night Vision Camera, you can view any threat on your Smart App anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to Motion Detector with Night Vision Camera, you can access the moment of threat within seconds through Prosegur Smart App.

In addition, thanks to external sounders and outdoor signs, Prosegur provides deterrence against malicious people who think of breaking into your workplace.

Say “stop” to thieves with Prosegur!