Your investments and future are safe with Prosegur Workplace Security Camera!

You can have the security system you need at work with Prosegur Workplace Security Camera Systems. Workplace Security Camera detects the movement in your workplace in case of any threat and transmits the image to Prosegur Alert Center to ensure that the law enforcement forces are directed to your workplace as soon as necessary.

The workplace cameras protect your investment and labor and allow precautions to be taken against burglars before the threat takes place. In addition, with Prosegur Smart App, you can also control the security camera(s) through your mobile phones  as well as via the web, anywhere and anytime.

You can find answers to all these questions stuck in your mind related to your workplace security or security cameras by calling 444 5 442 or using Prosegur Smart App.

With the rental model offered by Prosegur, you can have the security camera systems you need for your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions about Workplace Safety

Where are Prosegur Security Camera Records kept?

Unlike the cloud system used by other companies, Prosegur keeps your security camera records in your premises. Wherever you go around the world, you can view Prosegur security camera recordings from your computer or mobile devices.

Do Prosegur Workplace Security Cameras Use Cloud System?

The problems such as "storage capacity, quality problems, limited number of cameras" (cloud camera recording systems can only support 1-2 cameras) frequently in cloud recording systems are not experienced with Prosegur workplace security cameras. You can still back up your workplace security camera records in the cloud system if you want.

Can I get High Definition images from Prosegur Workplace Security Cameras?

All the details you need are available with Prosegur camera systems with high-resolution images and recording.

Can I Manage Prosegur Workplace Security Camera with Prosegur Smart App?

Prosegur offers the possibility to connect to work security camera systems with a single tap from your mobile phone. So you can follow what is happening from the security camera or watch the previous recordings if you want. With Prosegur Smart App, you can access the security camera records 24/7 wherever you are.

If you wish, you can also monitor Prosegur workplace camera systems live via Smart Web (Customer Portal).

Prosegur workplace camera systems, which allow you to watch your workplace live on smartphones and the web, provide you with the opportunity to record and watch them later without missing any moments with the recording feature.

Prosegur workplace security camera systems will be available soon for the safety of your workplace.

Say “stop” to thieves with Prosegur!