Effective solution against gas leak danger!

With Prosegur Workplace Gas Leak Alarm, you can take precautions against carbon monoxide, LPG and natural gas leaks in your workplace. Gas leak detectors work with the general principle of detecting smoke and sudden temperature changes in your workplace and sending warning to Prosegur Alert Center. The alarm signal reaches Prosegur Alert Center in seconds and Prosegur will contact you immediately to inform you of the danger. If you cannot be reached, it calls the people you have defined to the system to confirm the danger and, if necessary, to direct the relevant law enforcement forces to your address.

With Prosegur Workplace Gas Leak Alarm, don't worry about leaks anymore!

Prosegur Workplace Gas Leak Alarm protects you and your employees against the risk of poisoning due to natural gas leaks. You can get detailed information about Workplace Gas Leak Alarm by calling the number 444 5 442.

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