You, your employees and your investments are safe with Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems!

Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems offer solutions for theft attempts, fire risks, dangers of gas leakage, floods and immediate medical needs; it allows you and your employees to continue their lives in peace and safety.

Which services do Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems cover?


  •  Workplace burglar alarm
  •  Workplace gas leak alarm
  •  Workplace flood alarm
  •  Workplace emergency medical alarm
  •  Work place panic button

What is the difference of Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems?


  •  Prosegur offers services "without commitment" in all countries that it operates. Therefore , our motto is "Prosegur: Not because you have to, but because you are pleased".
  •  Prosegur, the world leader in security, offers "Personalized Customer Service" experience to all customers that it prevents services to. When you call Prosegur Alert Center for any claims or complaints, you will be contacted by a single customer representative until your claim and complaint are resolved.
  •  Motion Detector with Night Vision Camera, through you can get high resolution images at night or day, starts recording when it detects any danger in your workplace. This prevents you and the law enforcement authorities from being unnecessarily occupied. If you want, you can also request images via the Smart App at any time.
  •  With Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems you are safe even when your internet or power is cut. Prosegur Alarm System has the Anti-Jammer feature, which has a dual path of communication. In this way, even if the GPRS signal of the control unit is blocked by the jammer, your alarm system will continue to send signals via the network that is your second way of communication. In addition, if the connection between the wireless detector and the panel is tampered, the alarm system also detects this and sends a signal to the alarm center.
  •  Thanks to Anti-Sabotage feature that offered by Prosegur, your alarm system continues to work even if the power is cut. Unlike known alarm systems, in Prosegur Alert System, auxiliary batteries preventing the disconnection of signal between both IP and GPRS signal are activated even during sabotage-based power cuts, including your modem, and this system maintains its connection with Prosegur Alert Center.

What are the other features of Prosegur Workplace Alarm Systems?


  •  It protects your workplace against many situations that may threaten your safety such as fire, gas leakage and flooding.
  •  Panic Button allows you to ask for help in case of any threats with one button.
  •  In the moment of any threat, you can activate your silent alarm via your password panel. This way, your alarm system will only send signals without sound.
  •  Prosegur Smart App allows you to remotely control your alarm system with your mobile devices connected to the internet. You can view your workplace from anywhere at any time.

Say “stop” to thieves with Prosegur!