With Prosegur Emergency Medical Alarm, we are at your side with you and your employees!

Prosegur Workplace Emergency Medical Alarm is right next to you for all the emergency health needs that you and your employees face or will meet. When the workplace needs emergency medical intervention or if they are under threat for health, they can meet the ambulance needs by pressing a single key with the Prosegur Workplace Emergency Medical Alarm.
When the Prosegur Workplace Emergency Medical Alarm is used as needed, the Prosegur Alarm Center makes an ambulance guidance to your workplace as soon as you receive an emergency call.

Accident or Emergency Medical Problems Emergency Medical Alarm with you!

The Emergency Health Alarm, which is used in cases where there is an urgent need for emergency medical intervention in the workplace or when the person feels himself / herself in medical danger, meets the health service without wasting time. It is a rescuer in health problems and accidents that may occur in the workplace.

You can avoid major dangers with Emergency Medical Alarm!

With Emergency Medical Alarm which is another service that is active 24/7, emergency ambulance is directed to your address in emergency health status by using the buttons on the password panel. Emergency Medical Alarm is integrated with our remote control product.

You can get more information about Workplace Emergency Medical Alarm by calling 444 5 442.

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