Personalized Solutions

Every workplace's security vulnerability is at different points. Prosegur detects these vulnerabilities and offers customized protection solutions for your workplace.

365 Days 24 Hours

With over 160 thousand professional staff ready to assist at any time, Prosegur provides uninterrupted protection for you and your loved ones.

Prosegur Full Protection

All the components that enable you to have perfect protection are combined with Prosegur Full Protection.

Complete Security

Your Alarm system protects your workplace from theft, gas leakages, floods and other negative situations for 365 days and 24 hours, and notifies first aid teams in the case of medical need.

In case of any alarm, the system switches on and the images recorded by the special video detectors are transmitted instantly to the Prosegur Alarm Center. By means of these images, Prosegur detects instantly whether there are any negative situations. So, you do not have to worry about a vase your cat knocked off.

If a negative situation is detected, Prosegur informs you and the security forces about the situation in the next few seconds and makes follow-up action.


Anti Jammer

Prosegur Alarm System has a two-way communication path. Even if the control unit's GPRS signal is interrupted by jammer, the alarm system continues to send signals over the network, the second communication path. Also, if the communication of wireless detectors with the panel is tried to be cut off, the alarm system detects this and signals the Prosegur Alarm Center.



Even in case of power failure due to sabotage, unlike usual alarm systems, in Prosegur Alarm System, the booster battery switches on and it prevents the both IP and GPRS signaling, including your modem to be cut off and the system maintains its connection with the Prosegur Alarm Center.


Protecting the world, Prosegur removes the possibility of trespassing into your workplace.

Your workplace is completely protected against many factors that threaten your safety such as fire, gas leak, flood.

In the case of any threats, you can activate your silent alarm via your code panel. Your alarm system doesn't make a sound, it just sends out a signal.

Outdoor signboards provide deterrence against malicious people who consider entering into your workplace for any purpose.

The panic button allows you to request help at any time by pressing just one key.

With Prosegur Smart App, you can control everything about your alarm system from wherever you like.

Your Alarm System is At Your Fingertips At Any Moment

Thanks to Prosegur Smart App, you can remotely manage your alarm system with your mobile devices connected to the internet and get images from workplace whenever and wherever you want.

A System Suitable For Your Security Needs

Prosegur offers solutions and systems tailored to the security needs of every workplace.

Latest Technology Products

Knowing that safety is a serious issue, Prosegur works only with expert technicians and uses state-of-the-art security tools.