With Prosegur Panic Button, the police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance with a single button!

With Prosegur Panic Button at hand every time, you can meet your ambulance, police and fire brigade needs with just one click. Panic Button allows you to ask for help any time threats with one button. Prosegur Panic Button provides your security by dispatching law enforcement to your home if you activate it during violence, robbery, burglary, violations, threats, coercion, etc. that you think you are being or will be exposed to.

What is the panic button?

Panic button is a security measure that the user activates in situations such as threat, robbery, theft, medical etc., informing the alarm monitoring center or their relatives. The panic button can be placed on the password or control panel in the alarm system solutions offered by the security companies or it can be a small button that you can carry with you at all times. At that moment of panic, the user sends a signal to the officers in the alarm monitoring centers by pressing this button. The coordinate and address are determined and the related unit is dispatched. Thus, in any emergency situation, you can access all the numbers you cannot remember with a single button and secure yourself.

You can get detailed information about Emergency Medical Alarm by calling the number 444 5 442.

Say “stop” to thieves with Prosegur!