With Prosegur Workplace Burglar Alarm, burglars "shall not pass"!

Prosegur, which protects the world, eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to your home with the Burglar Alarm. With advanced technological infrastructure, quality products and services, Prosegur offers deterrent measures to prevent the loss of goods or the unpleasant situations ending with a trauma against the rapidly increasing robbery and theft rates.

Prosegur Burglar Alarm is activated when it detects that there is an unauthorized entry to your home and immediately informs Prosegur Alert Center. Prosegur Alert Center will also contact you to confirm the threat and, if necessary, dispatch the police forces to your home.

Thanks to Motion Detector with Night Vision Camera, you can view the video of the moment of threat on your Smart App anytime. Prosegur Smart App transmits the image of the event to your mobile phone in seconds.

In addition, thanks to external sounders and outdoor signs, Prosegur provides deterrence against people with malicious intentions who think of breaking into your house with any purpose.


Say "stop" to thieves with Prosegur!