You will feel peaceful and secure in your home with Prosegur House Security Camera!

You can have the security system you need at your home with Prosegur Home Security Camera Systems. Home Security Camera, which detects the movement in your home in case of a threat, communicates the obtained footage to Prosegur Alert Center and allows the law enforcement forces to be dispatched to the premises when needed.

The house security cameras used in the exterior environments in particular allow precautions to be taken against burglars before the threat takes place. With Prosegur Smart App, you can also control the security cameras, which you can control from anywhere and anytime, via the web as well.

You can find answers to all these questions stuck in your mind related to your home security or security cameras via Prosegur Smart App or by calling 444 5 442.

With the rental model offered by Prosegur, you can have the security camera systems you need for your home. 

Where are Prosegur Security Camera Records kept?

Prosegur security camera systems, unlike the cloud systems on the market, keeps your security camera records at your premises. You can immediately view Prosegur security camera recordings from your mobile devices or from your computer, wherever you are in the world.

Prosegur Security Camera and Cloud System

Prosegur home security cameras eliminate problems such as "storage capacity, quality problems, limited number of cameras" (cloud camera recording systems can only support 1-2 cameras) in cloud recording systems. You can also back up home security camera records in a cloud archive system. 

High Resolution in Prosegur Security Camera

Prosegur camera systems allow for high-resolution images and recording. This way, you can reach all the details you need.

Prosegur Security Cameras and Prosegur Smart App

You can connect Prosegur home security camera systems from your mobile phone with a single tap. You can follow the security camera live or you can watch the previous records. Prosegur security camera recordings are available 7/24, wherever you are and whenever you want via Prosegur Smart App. 

Prosegur home camera systems are not only available through the Smart App but you can also watch live via Smart Web (Customer Portal).

With Prosegur Camera Systems, you can easily watch your home live with smartphones and camera systems installed via the web, while at the same time you have the opportunity to watch the moments you missed later with recording feature.

Prosegur home security camera systems will be available soon.

Say “stop” to thieves with Prosegur!