Why Should You Choose Prosegur?

There are several reasons why you have to prefer Prosegur Alarm as it assures the security of millions of people in 24 countries across 5 continents and one of the global flagships in security industry.

Fast Response

Prosegur Alarm Center responds to the alarm within 10 seconds in case of any alert; it first verifies the authenticity of the alarm, and if required it informs you and security forces. Moreover, this is done with the help of an expert alarm response operator rather than an automatic message or SMS. Therefore, you can instantly consider the alarm along with your relevant operator and generate fast resolutions.

Unlimited Full Scope Service

As long as you use the system, you will not pay any additional fee other than monthly subscription fee. Support services include Smart App, unlimited technical service, unlimited product warranty, alarm notification services and unlimited call center support.

State-of-Art Technology, Products with the Highest Security Standard

Prosegur Alarm has level two security system designed for buildings with ultra-high security needs.

Prosegur Alarm’s motion detector with night vision camera detects any attempt of unauthorized intrusion to your home or office and sends a 6-second video to your mobile phone or Prosegur Alarm Center to verify the alarm. Thus, you will avoid false alarms that would worry you and waste the time of security forces for futile.

Thanks to Smart App, you can manage your alarm system from any place you wish. You can use control certain options from your mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer, including alarm activation and deactivation, instant images from your camera detectors and access to your bills and requests.

All Prosegur Alarm products are wireless. This allows a short time for installation and offers an aesthetic image. You cannot see any cable lying around your space.

Prosegur Alarm systems are resistant against jammer attacks. In case of any jammer attack, the alarm system will detect the sabotage and sends signals to Prosegur Alarm Center. Prosegur Alarm center will promptly call you and inform you about the attack.

Unlike standard alarm systems, only Prosegur Alarm System has auxiliary batteries that prevent the break in both IP and GPRs signal communication, including your modem, even in case of sabotage-caused power shortage. This way, the system maintains its connection with Prosegur Alarm Center. The entire system is under protection against physical damages. Even if a person driven by malicious intentions tries to crash the device, this will be detected and notified to Prosegur Alarm Center.

Top Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is beyond the literal sense of the words in Prosegur Alarm. With its more than 160 thousand employees over the globe who are ready for instance help, Prosegur offers uninterrupted and full protection for you and your beloved ones. Thanks to the personalized Customer Services, you will be in contact with a single customer representative for your complaints or wishes. Until the request is met or the complaint is settled, you will not be directed to any other customer representative. When you call our call center, you are not lost amidst a tangle of automatic messages just to reach a representative. Prosegur also protects your time.

International Experience for more than 40 years

Prosegur has a presence in the security industry for more than 40 years and offers its services in 24 countries across five continents today. Prosegur is one of the global giants in the security industry with its solutions and services that can meet all security needs for our customers from the biggest banks in the world to the tiniest homes on the street.